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Bow Making, from the neolithic to todays longbow re-enactors.

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2 Day Workshop £275

This unique, 'Red Letter Day' type experience, offers you the opportunity of making your own bow, which is then yours to keep. Under the careful supervision of Bowmaker Will Lord, (who has been teaching the art of bow making for over 15 years),and Terry Gunsman a good friend with a broad range of skills in making bows, you'll be guided through the process over two splendid days. Before you arrive you will advise us what materials you would like your bow made from and the poundage bow you are going to make so we can prepare your stave before you arrive. For Bow backs we have Hickory or Bamboo, In the middle you can have Purple Heart or Osage Orange and the belly will be Lemon Wood. You’ll learn how to tiller the limbs, fix buffalo horn / antler nocks to the ends, create a leather handle and even produce the linen or dacron bow string, to make your bow fully functional. A fantastic gift for anyone wanting an introduction to archery or for those interested in practical history & bows. Suitable for both complete novices and experienced bow makers, you’ll be sure to have a great time and unlike most experience gifts, you will leave with lasting memento, by way of your very own, hand crafted bow that is yours to keep and enjoy.

The course includes lunch and refreshments on both days. All materials are also included within the vouchers price.

ARROW WORKSHOPS - £90 per day

Our Arrow workshops run on the Friday prior to the Bow Making workshops. Types of feathers used are goose, turkey and pheasant.You will make 3 arrow shafts from an Ash log , then spine test them to suit the bow you will be making, we will then make your own heads from steel plate and fletch your shafts with left wing Turkey feathers, we will splice the nocks with buffallo horn or bone/antler. This is the perfect way to complete making your own bow.

Dates for 2013

Date Details
February 8th Arrow making Day.
Feburary 9th/10th Bow Making weekend.
March 8th Arrow making Day.
March 9th/10th Bow Making weekend.
April 12th Arrow making Day.
April 13th/14th Bow Making weekend
April29th/30 Bow making mid week.
May 17th Arrow making day
May 18th/19th Bow Making weekend.
June 7th Arrow making Day.
June 8th/9th Bow Making weekend.
workshops and staves

Some examples of handles

Some examples of nocks Antler, Buffalo horn and Acrylic

Bow staves for sale £85 inc P+P

Longbows also made to order, to your specification.

Prices start at £150 and go up to £550 depending on the materials and spec that you want.

Penobscot bow in production during a recent workshop, made by one of our attendants.