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Bronze casting weekend workshop.

A fasinating weekend of bronze casting exploring the techniques used in the bronze age to make a range of tools and weapons.

On day 1 you will build a smelting pit to learn how to extract copper from Malachite ore, then create a furnace and crucible, this will bring you to a stage where you can hold and pour Bronze at 1200 Degrees. Truely Awesome !!

smelting copper orebronze spearheadthe furnace

This will reward you with a magical item just as things were 3500 years ago.

bronze spearhead

On day 2 we slightly alter the technique to arrive at a more stable and certain outcome, this does not affect the magic though. The aim is to create a longer and cleaner finish to the smelt so you can take home a dagger or spear.

We will then assist you to haft your efforts with handle of your choice.

The cost is 199 per person, The next date is the 23rd/24th February, feel free to contact us to express an interest and suggest a date that suits you.. This price includes all food and drink over the duration of your stay. Contact Will for further details.

Dates for 2013

Date Details
23rd/24th February Bronze casting Experience.
20th/21st April Bronze casting Experience.