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Flint knapping - The oldest trade on Earth.

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Flint knapping equipment

Hand axe, Spear head kit (Kit includes)

Soft Hammer from large red deer

Large saddle leather leg pad

Range of quartzite pebbles

Book on flint knapping by John Lord

Flint Blank


Pressure Flaking Kit for Arrowheads (Kit includes)

Antler pressure flaking tool

Thick saddle leather hand-pad

Quartzite abraisive pebble

8 flint flakes

Book on flint knapping by John Lord

Supplied in printed calico bag

Making a Bronze Age barbed and tanged arrowhead DVD

A twenty minute DVD,
showing the entire process in close-up.

The Nature and Subsequent Uses of Flint

An exellent book, written by my father, John Lord, contains good
illustrations and explanations on the art of flint knapping.

Large red deer antler Soft Hammer

Currently in stock

Small red deer antler

Currently in stock

Copper tip pressure flaker in antler handle   15
Red deer antler pressure flaker   12
Large saddle leather leg-pad   35
Saddle leather hand pad   3.50
10 flintarrowhead flakes   10
Flint blanks for handaxes or spearheads   12.50
Quartzite pebbles/range of three sizes   8.50

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