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English Gun Flints.

Keep your Flintlock muskets firing every time with these grade A gunflints.Material source near Brandon and reputed to be the best in the world for giving a shower of hot sparks.


all sizes, mixed or same


Sizes, We will be happy to make any size you need, however the following sizes listed are the most usual, the first size is the face that strikes the frizzen the second is the length. 9/8X9/8 - 1"X1" - 7/8X7/8 - 3/4X7/8 - 3/4X3/4 - 5/8X3/4 - 5/8X5/8 - 1/2X5/8 - 3/8X5/8.

Price is dependant on the quantity you are ordering,for large orders please contact us for details.