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Prehistoric Experiences.


Links to a very special group of skilled leaders in their crafts.

flintknapping in the UK with John Lord; a prehistoric experience today
My old Pa's site

Natural Pathways-teaching primitive & modern survival skills and conservation through nature awareness
We reguarly visit Hannahs company in Kent to offer flint knapping workshops.

30 years of leading the way in Bush Craft.
Ray Mears and his expert team are totaly dedicated to empowering you with skills and helping you understand your place in nature.

Carols foraging skills and knowlege are second to none I highly recommend you consider her courses.

Skilled in living in a sustainable way.
Kevin and his wife run a range of courses in wales, we will be with them in September.

Skilled potter.
Tel Turnbull is a highly skilled and experimental potter,visit his site for some

great courses.

Must read.
Britains best read for bushcraft, foraging and inspiration in the countryside .

James watson.
A dedicated follower of ancient traditions, he gets my vote.

A good friend. A great teacher. A spiritual inspiration
Close the gap between man and nature